NBA News: Seth Curry is the newest member of the Sacramento Kings

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Is there a person that is interested in basketball and doesn’t know who is Stephen Curry? Well, probably not. However, I am quite confident that there aren’t a lot of people that know about his bigger brother – Seth Curry. Seth has been living in the shadow of his MVP-winning brother for some time now, but lately he has started to make a name of his own. The bigger of the Curry’s took part of this year’s Las Vegas Summer League and he has been simply terrific and as a result both the New Orleans Pelicans and Sacramento Kings were interested in signing him. However, only one team was able to get him.

Both franchises were keen on getting the older Curry in their lineups, however there is a pretty good reason why Seth chose the Kings over the Pelicans. New Orleans may be the better squad, but their backcourt is pretty crowded, which mean that Curry would have had a pretty small amount of minutes in order to showcase his talent. On the other hand, Sacramento has a lot less players in the backcourt, which means that Seth will definitely have a larger role in the rotation than in New Orleans.

It would be quite interesting to see how the older Curry will be playing at Sacramento, mainly because he will always be compared to his little brother – Stephen Curry. After the end of the Summer League, Seth made it quite clear with his words and actions, on and off the court, that he is determined to leave his own mark on the NBA landscape. It’s hard to imagine that he will become as good as his younger brother, but even if he comes close, that will be a huge achievement for Seth.



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