Roger Federer Beats Novak Djokovic but UAE Royals Win the IPTL – Tennis News:
The glitters and charms of International Premier Tennis League end as the legends of the tennis world say goodbye to the International soil. On the concluding day of IPTL, Roger Federer managed to beat Novak DjokovicbutUAE Royals led by Djokovic still proved their worth by winning 29-22 in the league.

In the third leg of International Premier Tennis League, which took place in Delhi, a lot of surprises and wonders were witnessed. The world’s two superstars met in the final set of Delhi leg on this Monday and gave a very exciting game to their spectators. The crowd was very thrilled and the court was far from full as usual. As anticipated, Federer and Djokovic presented the game of the tour to mesmerize tennis fans all over the world. At one point, the umpire had to call out for silence because of the loud cheers of the crowd.

On the final day on Dec 08, Federer won the shootout 6-5 but Djokovic made it square by winning the last game of the contest. Royals already had a lead of 23-16 so the winning of Federer didn’t bring much joy for the International Aces. UAE Royals got a lead on International Aces when Kristina Mladenovic defeated Ana Ivanovic 6-5 in the women’s single. After that, the Royals continued to dominate in mix doubles as well leading to a final 27 points. Now they are only 3 points away from Aces which is at the top of the table.

Manila Mavericks defeated the Singapore Slammers 23-17 that day which was a huge win but the same teams will be facing each other once again in the fourth and the final leg of IPTL in Dubai.

After an enthralling tournament on International grounds, IPTL now moves to Dubai for a final showdown.

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