Wolfsburg attacker Bas Dost scoring more often than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in this year

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If we would ask you to tell us who do you think is the attacker who scored the most goals this year you would probably tell something like Messi, Kane, Neymar or even Ronaldo. If you would say some names from the list then you would be wrong since the best goal scorer in this year is Wolfsburg attacker Bas Dost.

This season Wolfsburg is playing surprisingly good, they are now 2nd in Bundesliga 8 points behind the leader Bayern Munich but 10 points in front 3rd Borussia Monchengladbach. They are playing good and after Bayern Munich they got 2nd attack of the Bundesliga with 53 goals. Last time when Wolfsburg was so high on the table was in season 2008/2009 when Grafite and Edin Dzeko putt their names in history as most deadly attackers in Bundesliga. That year Wolfsburg won the title with 2 points in front Bayern Munich. Grafite is now playing in United Arab Emirates for Al-Ahli and Edin Dzeko is playing for Manchester City.

Like we already said Bas Dost is the best scorer in the Europe if we look this year. Since the winter break he scored 11 goals from 8 games or if you want he is scoring every 44 minutes. If we compare Dost with Lionel Messi then we can see the difference. Messi scored 15 goals from 14 matches or every 60 minutes. We can also take into calculation that Bundesliga start from 29 January, if we take only that time then Messi scored only 6 goals from 8 games. For info Neymar scored 7 goals and Ronaldo only 3 since 29 January.

Bas Dost arrived to Wolfsburg from SC Heerenveen for €8 million in season 2012/2013 after he scored 32 goals from 34 games. In his first season they only scored 8 goals from28 games, second was even worst 4 goals from 13 games. Bas Dost missed big part of Bundesliga due to injury; he fully recovered around the end of November.

Bas Dost is now the best scorer in Europe, but probably the better question is can he stay on the top? For big chunk of goals Dost can thank young Belgium midfielder Kevin De Bruyne who is playing in excellent form, how long we will find out.

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