Wayne Rooney will soon become England best scorer, but in order to become legendary he needs to show some magnificent plays on the upcoming EURO or World Cup

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Wayne Rooney is just one step away from achieving legendary status in both England national team and Manchester United. Sir Bobby Charlton, legendary Manchester United striker and leader of generation that in 1968 wins Champions League for the first time, is best England and Manchester United scorer for all time. Sir Bobby Charlton scored 49 goals for England national team from 106 games and for Manchester United he scored 249 goals from 758 games.

Long time passed and nobody could come even close to Sir Bobby Charlton records, until now. Wayne Rooney got a chance to overthrown Sir Bobby Charlton from the 1st place. Current statistic for Wayne Rooney looks like this. For England national team Rooney mad 107 appearances and score 47 goals, while for Manchester United Rooney played 472 matches and score 230 goals. It’s more that until the end of this year Rooney will break Sir Bobby Charlton record for national team. Rooney and Sir Bobby Charlton are both aware of that record and Sir Bobby Charlton even said that he is glad that Rooney will break his record.

There is one group that Rooney already beat Sir Bobby Charlton and that is for the amount of trophies. Sir Bobby Charlton won 9 trophies while playing for Manchester United, while Wayne Rooney got 11 trophies so far. They both where national and European champions, cup winners but Sir Bobby Charlton got one that Rooney can only dream on – World Cup Winner.

Most of England ex-player thinks that Rooney is a great player, but what Rooney need to be as Sir Bobby Charlton is to play magnificent on the upcoming European Championship in France or World Cup in Russia. Without that Rooney is and will be just another good England striker.

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