Van Gaal dissatisfied with United’s Performance

Premier League Updates:
Manchester United have been performing really well for the last month or so and have been displaying their strength and dominance against teams week in week out. The philosophy of their manager seems to be gelling in well within the player’s minds and everyone is now getting to grip with what the manager wants from the players and the team.

Despite a slow start, Manchester United have quickly risen up the ranks and are now sitting comfortably at 3rd spot, hoping for a slip up from both Chelsea and Manchester City. A draw to Aston Villa last week ended a 6 match winning streak, while United are yet to be defeated after a narrow defeat to rivals Manchester City.

A demolishing 3-1 victory last night against Newcastle United reminded most fans of the glory days of Sir Alex’s reign. United dominated the game, had total control of possession and scored three goals before the hour mark to seal a convincing victory. The team toyed with Newcastle United team at will and there was hardly a time when United looked vulnerable.

Despite the overwhelming dominance, Louis Van Gaal was still not satisfied. He is a manager who seeks perfection and is still in search of his perfect united performance. And he would surely have been disappointed when Phil Jones gave away a needless penalty through his lazy, trailing leg and blotted De Gea’s clean sheet.

Van Gaal, in his most match conference referred to the penalty and other mistakes that were displayed throughout the match and aimed at improving them in the coming games. Most managers would have been delighted with such a performance from their team but Van Gaal is not so easy to impress.

He is demanding, he is overwhelming and he wants total perfection. He is the man who can take United to where they truly belong and challenge Chelsea and Manchester City to the very end.

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