UEFA Champions League: Barcelona is the first team to reach this year’s final, who will be the next one?

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One of the teams that will take part in this year’s UEFA Champions League finals will be Barcelona, as the Catalonians found a way to eliminate Bayern Munich from the tournament. The Spanish club suffered a 3-2 defeat in the second leg of the semi-finals, but their 3-0 win from the first leg was enough to get them through. The Bavarians fought brave, but they were once again unable to stop the attacks of their opponents, as Neymar scored two goals between the 15th and 29th minute of the first half.

The match started at a pretty fast pace, and Bayern took the initiative in their hands. They were able to score the first goal in the game after a corner, but their happiness was pretty short-lived. In the 15th and 29th minute, Neymar’s shots were not saved by Manuel Neuer and the score became 1-2 in favor of Barcelona and the aggregate 1-5 – something that the Bavarians were incapable of overcoming. In the second half of the match, Bayern Munich scored two goals, but they were enough only to give them the 3-2 win in the second leg.

“The fans have been really great today. We believed in the miracle, but we couldn’t make it happen. It’s impossible to stop (Barcelona’s) players for the whole 90 minutes. We didn’t lose it today, but in the first leg.” – said Philipp Lahm in an interview after the match.

As we now know that Barcelona will play in the final, the focus shifts to the second semi-final that will be played tomorrow between Real Madrid and Juventus. In the first leg between the Whites and Juve, the Italian club was able to get the 2-1 victory, but it’s definitely not enough for Juventus to be confident that they will advance to the final. Even though Real Madrid is not in their best form, they shouldn’t be underestimated, as we all know how good they have played at the Santiago Bernabeu this season. Los Blancos have scored at least a goal at the Bernabeu in every UEFA Champions League home game they have played, which is what they need if Juventus doesn’t score. Tomorrow game will definitely be very interesting, so don’t dare to miss it!

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