Two separate organizations, two totally different lists and still Messi and Ronaldo at the top

Soccer News:

Lately CIES or International Centre for Sports Studies release what are by their standards 120 players with highest transfer value. They can be compared with Transfermarkt from who most newspapers and portals are taking the player transfer values.

Interesting is that CIES didn’t only take player effort on the field into the calculation but they also take international experience, achieved results by their team (national and club), player position, player years and how many years they have left in the current contract.

According to CIES Barcelona star Lionel Messi is most expensive player in world with transfer value of 220 Mill €, behind him is Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo who is valued at 133 Mill €. On third and fourth place are two players from Chelsea Eden Hazard 99 Mill € and Diego Costa 84 Mill €, top 5 is closing Juventus star Paul Pogba who is valued at 72 Mill €.

Transfermarkt list is pretty different except the first two places. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are tied up on the first place with transfer value of 120 Mill €. On third place is another Real Madrid star Gareth Bale who is valued at 80 Mill €. Brazilian left forward Neymar is on fourth place with value of 70 Mill €. Top five is closing new Manchester United star Angel di Maria who is valued at 65 Mill €.

There are some big number difference between these two list, CIES Top 5 player total transfer value is 608 Mill € while Top 5 from Transfermarkt transfer value is “only” 455 Mill €.

If we compare Top 5 players from each list then on Transfermarkt list Paul Pogba is on 11th place valued at 50 Mill €, Eden Hazard is on 16th place valued 48 Mill € and Diego Costa is on 36th place valued 37 Mill €. On CIES list Gareth Bale is on 10th place valued 60 Mill €, Neymar is on 11th with 58 Mill € and Angel di Maria is on 12th place with 57 Mill €.

According to CIES club with most players in Top 100 is Spanish giant Real Madrid. Real Madrid have eleven players in Top 100 except 2nd Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale is on 10th (60 Mill €), James Rodriguez 15th (50 Mill €), Isco Alarcon 17th (45 Mill €), Karim Benzema 21st (43 Mill €), Toni Kroos 23rd (41 Mill €), Luka Modric 27th (37 Mill €), Sergio Ramos 40th (33 Mill €), Daniel Carvajal 68th (25 Mill €), Raphael Varane 87th (23 Mill €) and Marcelo Viera 94th (22 Mill €).

Transfermarkt also have Primera Division giants Real Madrid and Barcelona as most valuable teams in the world. Real Madrid is first and their market value is 688,80 Mill €, Barcelona is behind them with total value of 620 Mill €. Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich is on third place with value 568,15 Mill € and on fourth and fifth place are two clubs from Premier League, Manchester United is forth with 465 Mill € value and Chelsea is on fifth place with 450 Mill €.

Interesting is to see that Gareth Bale who holds transfer record with Cristiano Ronaldo is only on 10th place on CIES list valued 60 Mill €. Luis Suarez who manage to have third biggest transfer record in history is only on 16th place on CIES list.


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