Transfer Rumors: Manchester City is selling Yaya Toure to Inter and buying Sami Khedira or Paul Pogba

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After the defeat from Crystal Palace and their good-bye from Premiership title, Manchester City has turned its attention toward brining “fresh blood” into the team. But according to new FIFA Financial Fair Play they first need to sell someone.

Toure and Mancini once more in same club

We already talk about Yaya Toure and his refusal to sign a new contract with City; today there was a rumor that Inter Milano is ready to send an offer for Ivory Coast midfielder. According to those sources Inter is ready to send 43 million euros big offer to sign Yaya Toure on 5 years contract. Maybe 43 million euros is a large amount of money for a player that will soon be 32 years old (13.05.1983), but Mancini is confident that Toure is the “missing link” in Inter. Mancini was the main reason Yaya Toure moved from Barcelona to Manchester City and under Mancini coaching Toure become one of best central midfielders in the world.

Sami Khedira as main target for Yaya Toure place

With one man out City already start thinking about his replacement and Real Madrid player Sami Khedira is their first choice according to England media. Excellent player that will become free agent in the summer and that might fit in Yaya Toure role perfect. There is only one problem about Sami Khedira, he will probably be most wanted player in summer transfer window.

Paul Pogba as “backup” plan

Manchester City also has a backup plan or maybe it’s their main plan. According to same sources, City is ready to send their attacker Edin Dzeko and “bad boy” Sami Nasri with certain amount of money toward Juventus and in return Juventus will send Paul Pogba to Manchester. Off course like every other plan this year from Manchester City this will probably be doomed. Pogba will probably not be hot sale as Sami Khedira due to his high transfer fee. But clubs that are waiting in the line to sign him are more than capable to match whatever Manchester City offer Pogba and Juventus.



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