Soccer Rumors: Rafa Benitez denies talks with Manchester City

Soccer News and Rumors:

A lot of speculations have surrounded Rafa Benitez this season, and it seems that at the end of the year he will most likely leave Napoli. There have been reports that he wishes to return to Liverpool once again, but nothing has been confirmed. However, there has been rumored that Manchester City will try and sign Benitez, as the Citizens will most likely part ways with Manuel Pellegrini after the end of the current season.

Nevertheless, Rafa Benitez has recently stated that City hasn’t contacted him, and all of the speculations that the both sides have talked are false.

“I have not had contacts with City, unlike what I’ve read in England. I have spoken to the (Napoli) president via messages but we have not been able to meet due to our busy playing schedule in order to evaluate the business plan. Now our focus is on matters of the pitch.”

Furthermore, there have been reports that Napoli will do everything they can to keep Benitez ahead of the team. Nevertheless, it will definitely be easier said than done. The latest reports state that Benitez is motivated to make a return to England, and he wants more than anything to coach Liverpool.

“Benitez is expected to leave Napoli at the end of the season and is keen on a return to England. Although he may have eyes on bigger jobs, the 54-year-old could be tempted by the project on offer at West Ham. At Liverpool, Benitez won the Champions League and the FA Cup and won the Europa League in his brief spell in temporary charge of Chelsea.”

It’s quite understandable why Benitez wants to return to England. He enjoyed his best years as a coach there. In my opinion, Napoli won’t be able to retain Rafa for the next season, and they will have to start looking for a new coach very soon. However, it is very unclear whether Benitez will be able to find himself a position in any of the big clubs in England. It is reported that West Ham has contacted him recently, but they aren’t among the teams that Rafa would like to coach.



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