Soccer Rumors: Bayern Munich seeking to replace Robben or Ribery with Chelsea’s Eden Hazard

Soccer News and Rumors:

In the last two summers, the management of Chelsea and their fans have done everything to deny rumors that big clubs around Europe want Eden Hazard. The Belgium international is still playing at Chelsea and he hasn’t made any statements that he wants to leave, but very soon he may be on a new team. Bayern Munich will most likely try hard to sign Hazard, as he will be an ideal replacement for Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery. It’s highly unlikely that the Bavarians will go after the Belgium player during this summer transfer window, but in the near future they will definitely try and sign him.

Robben and Ribery are among the best wingers in the entire world, and they are arguably the most crucial players for the style that Pep Guardiola demands from Bayern. However, as they have been injured quite often this season, it hasn’t been easy for the former Barcelona coach to play without elite wingers. Moreover, the Dutchman and the Frenchman are starting to age and very soon they will have to be replaced with younger players. One of those players will most likely be Hazard if Bayern can get him of course.

It’s hard to imagine Hazard joining Bayern Munich, but if the German team can offer Chelsea the right amount of money, nothing is impossible. The Belgium would be an excellent fit in Bayern’s system, as he is arguably the best dribbler in the world. It should be noted that even Ribery once said, that it would be a logical choice if the management of the Bavarians can bring the best dribbler in England to the Allianz Arena. In my opinion, it’s very likely that Hazard will join Bayern at some time in the future.



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