Soccer Rumors: Bayern Munich interested in Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos

Soccer News and Rumors:

It sounds pretty crazy to think that Sergio Ramos can leave Real Madrid next summer, but the fact that the club and player haven’t yet signed and extension has been a bit concerning. The contract of the defender expires in 2017, and everybody expects him to re-sign with the Whites, but the rumors about the deal have been too many to determine which ones are true.

On 8th April, the brother of Sergio, Rene Ramos made the following statement:

“The extension of Sergio Ramos? The club and the president know where to find us. Sergio is very happy at Real Madrid and anything that gets reported now is just rumours. As long as he has a contract with the club, I see Sergio with the Real Madrid shirt and nothing else. No offer from another club has arrived on my desk. These are only rumours but that’s part of football.”

However, the latest reports that a Bayern Munich intermediary has made contact with the defender’s agent are alarming for the Real Madrid fans. During his contracts talks with the Whites, Ramos has made a desire that he wants €11 million per year. However, if the reports are true, the Real Madrid management is ready to pay him “only” €8 million. This gap is the main reason for the Bavarians to have an opportunity to talk with Ramos.

It will be a massive upset if the Whites let Sergio walk away, as he is currently one of the best defenders in the world and a club icon. On the other hand, for Bayern Munich, signing the Spaniard will be an enormous success, as he will provide great stability in the team’s defensive line. In my opinion, Ramos will not leave Real Madrid because the club’s management will do everything it can to retain him for the next couple of seasons.



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