Soccer News: Theo Walcott signs a new deal with Arsenal

Soccer News and Rumors:

After a lot of speculation and transfer rumors, Theo Walcott has finally signed a new contract with Arsenal. There were a lot of reports that Walcott’s days in London were numbered, but we can see that they have been completely false. The contract is for four years, which means that the fast-paced winger will be staying at the Emirates until 2019.

“The deal will keep Walcott at the Emirates until 2019 and put his salary in the £100,000 a week bracket and make him one of the club’s highest earners. Arsenal will officially confirm the new contract in the next two weeks—certainly before the start of the Premier League season when they play West Ham at home.”

Theo Walcott will undoubtedly be one of the best offensive weapons for the Gunners next season, as he is quite known for his skills and fast pace. However, there is one little problem – the winger is widely known for his injuries. The transfer rumors that surrounded him were mainly because of his history injuries (and of course, the weekly salary that he required). Nevertheless, the English international has shown that he can play great football when healthy and that he deserves to be paid a lot of money.

Walcott had one year left on his contract before signing his current deal and it was more vital to him to reach an agreement now than it was for the club. If the winger had suffered another injury in the next season that would have meant that he was definitely going to receive less than the £100,000 he will receive now every week. As a result, it’s hard to say which side is the winner from the deal – Walcott because he receives a good contract before hurting himself again (I sincerely hope he doesn’t) or Arsenal because they good a pretty talented player, but injury-prone.



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