Revealed: Top 5 players who committed the most passes in the Champions League this season

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With the win of Real Madrid over Atletico Madrid and a stalemate in the other game that involved Juventus and Monaco, the top 4 lineup for this season’s Champions League is complete. Thus, while there are 3 title contenders in this season’s Semi-finals of the Europe’s elite competition, Juventus would be an underdog no matter which team they will draw against.

Here are Top 5 players who committed the most passes in the Champions League this season

1. Giorgio Chiellini

Giorgio Chiellini is the top-passer in UEFA Champions League this seasonNazionaleCalcio / Foter / CC BY

If Juventus are playing in the Semi-finals of Champions League for the first time since 2002/03, their defenders have a huge part in that achievement. Leading his vanguard from the back is defender Georgio Chiellini and this is another feather in his already heavy cap. He has committed 712 players this season in the Champions League, 16 more than the player who is next to him in the list.

2. Xabi Alonso

For a player who could swap his football career to be a model due to his looks, Xabi Alonso is probably the last player you will want to be on the opposite side of your team. With his calm influence on the game, his cross field lob passes and occasional goals to chirp in, the passing of Alonso is known worldwide. He has committed 692 passes this season.

3. Lionel Messi
For a player who kills the other side with his goals, Messi has shown a new dimension to his game under the tutelage of Luis Enrique this season. While he is already the top-scorer in UEFA Champions League history, Messi is now the 3rd top passer in UEFA Champions League this season. He has committed 693 passes this season.

4. Javier Mascherano
For a midfielder who has turned defender to increase his usefulness for the Catalan giants after the retirement of Mascherano, he is one of the greatest benefactors of the tiki-taka game that has been employed at Barcelona since his arrival from Liverpool. The Argentine has committed 664 passes this season.

5. Jerome Boateng
Looking at the pattern of the aforementioned players in the list, it is to nobody’s surprise that another player has come from a side which has been greatly influenced by tiki-taka of late. Playing under the tutelage of former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola, Boateng had some lows in his first few years however, this season is altogether different. While he has become a permanent member of the squad both in Europe as well as Germany, the German is the 5th top-passer in Champions League with 662 passes to his name.



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