Real Madrid in big problems in front of their return game against Atletico Madrid in UEFA Champions League

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Real Madrid in big problems in front their game against Atletico Madrid in UEFA Champions League

Probably the biggest question for all Real Madrid fans after this weekend is how Real Madrid will line up in the next six weeks. If we look at Real Madrid season then we can separate it with the time with Luka Modric in midfield and time without him. Yes Real Madrid got Ronaldo but if we take a deeper look at Real Madrid then Modric is their key player.

Without Modric they lost all key games

Modric get injured in November after international duty and from 24 games real won 18, you wound say that is not bad. But they lost 4 very important games including loss against Atletico Madrid in Copy del Rey that kicks them out. Especial after New Year when Real Madrid form was dropping rapidly and fans were waiting for Modric come back. When Modric come back Real started demolishing opponents once more. But after win against Malaga, Real Madrid not only lost Modric Real will be without Bale for return game of UEFA Champions League against Atletico Madrid.

Illarramendi or Khedira to take Modric place

Newspapers already start putting their own formation that Real Madrid could possible play in the upcoming games. This season Ancelotti played 4-4-2 (15 games) and 4-3-3 (24 games) formations. If Ancelotti decide to go with 4-4-2 formation than Bale injury will not matter much since he will have Benzema and Ronaldo in the attacks. Possible replacement in the midfield for Modric would be Illaramendi (34 games this season) or Khedira (17 games this season). Real Madrid midfield would then look like this: James – Illarramendi / Khedira – Kroos – Isco.

Jese or Chicharito as new partners for Benzema and Ronaldo in attack

Problem for Ancelotti start if he want to play in Real Madrid usual 4-3-3 formation, then he have to find a replacement for both Modric and Bale. In this case then there would no place for Illarramendi or Khedira since Kroos would do their job and the midfield line would be the same as in 4-4-2 only without Illarramendi or Khedira. But Ancelotti have a problem in attack since Real Madrid don’t have a replacement for Bale, possible partners Ronaldo and Benzema in attack would be Jese or Chicharito. No matter what Real Madrid chose hard days are in front of them.



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