Primera Division: Lionel Messi and Luis Enrique not talking to each other

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There were reports of a conflict between Barcelona’s star Lionel Messi and head-coach Luis Enrique a couple of months ago, but it was that everything between them got worked out. However, rumors of the bad relationship between Messi and Enrique have reemerged and sources state that they are currently not talking to each other. Even though the results for Barcelona have been great lately, the situation in the locker room has been dreadful and it’s even worse than the conflict from two months ago.

“The pair fell out at the start of January, leading to a highly publicised power struggle, but they then called a truce—agreeing to put their differences aside for the greater good of Barcelona. However, Goal understands that, despite this ceasefire, the pair are actually not on speaking terms. The club has sided with Messi on the issue and, while president Josep Maria Bartomeu insists that the coach will remain in his job next season, Luis Enrique himself realises that his position at the club is precarious. A further reason for this is because the ex-midfielder also has a frosty relationship with many other members of the first-team squad—the ex-Roma boss’s authoritarian management style is not approved by his players.”

These problems that Enrique has with Messi can cost him his job as a head-coach, even though the team’s president states that he will stay until next season’s end. However, this report comes at a very different time than the last one – the January conflict was in the midst of some pretty bad results for Barcelona, while now the club has been showing some very good form. Furthermore, Messi has been scoring a lot since the last conflict and there haven’t been any signs that something bad is happening inside the locker room. The club is closing in on Real Madrid in La Liga and they are on the verge of eliminating Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League.

It’s highly unlikely that Barcelona’s management will make any comments on this report and instead they will continue to focus on the team’s performance. It should be noted that Messi and Enrique don’t have to be best friends in order for the team to be successful, so if the results are good there isn’t really a reason to freak out.



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