Portsmouth ex-owner jailed for stealing £5 million of his wife

Sulaiman Al Fahim – the man who possessed Portsmouth for a month and a half amid a doomed spell in 2009 has been condemned to five years in a United Arab Emirates prison for taking £5m from his significant other to subsidize the purchase. Sulaiman Al Fahim who was at the time the public figure for Abu Dhabi United Group’s arrangement to purchase Manchester City in 2008, was discovered blameworthy of fraud, utilizing fake records along with supporting and abetting fraud.

He and one other were found to have stolen the cash used to purchase Pompey from Sacha Gaydamak, with Al Fahim soon successfully pitching the club to Ali Al Faraj. Al Fahim who is currently 42, choose to not go to the hearing and was condemned in his nonappearance.
Prosecutors said that Al Fahim’s wife found the cash was absent after the profits she had anticipated from a high loan cost account she opened in 2009 did not come in.She said she reached the ledgers’ supervisor, yet he was stalling in spite of her requesting that he move the record in September 2011.

When she chose to visit the bank face to face, she was told there was no cash in the record.She at that point went to the bank’s legal issues & complaints office, and when they refused to solve her issue, she later announced the issue to the police.
Alongside Al Fahim, the Dubai Criminal Court prosecuted the bank chief for robbery, fabrication of authority archives and utilization of manufactured authority reports. He was also condemned to five years in jail.

The actions of Al Fahim were one of the root causes of Portsmouth quick decline from a stable club in the Premier League to being demoted quickly after, they also suffered going administration twice in the four years after.
Al Fahim was also said to be a huge influence on why the Premier League changed their guidelines on owning football clubs and there are now a much stricter set of guidelines to adhere to.

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