Messi is currently the biggest fish in the pool, who will catch it first?

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With the first days of New Year winter transfer window in most European Leagues has started. Until 2 February clubs will have opportunity to sign new players that will help them achieve better score in National league or European competitions.

Probably the most interesting transfer that might happen in summer (or winter) is transfer of Lionel Messi, if that transfer happened it would break world record. Current holders for biggest transfer records are Real Madrid attackers Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo with transfer fee 94 Mill €.

According to web page Transfermarkt Lionel Messi market value is 120 Mill € but Barcelona have release clause in his contract that say if club pays stunning 250 Mill € Messi will get termination of contract with Barcelona.

Why do we even think that Messi is going to leave the club in which he became best player in the world and since 2004 won 21 club trophies:

6 – Spanish Super Cups
6 – Spanish Primera Division
3 – UEFA Champions Leagues
2 – Copa Del Ray
2 – FIFA Club World Cup
2 – UEFA Super Cup

Rumors started last month after an interview from legendary Barcelona captain Julio Alberto who is now in charge of scouting in East Europe, Alberto said that Messi will probably leave Camp Nou in the summer transfer window. According to Alberto Messi gave a promise to Tito Vilanova that he will stay for two more seasons in Barcelona.

There are also several facts that also might suggest that Barcelona will sell their best player. Barcelona announces last year that they are planning a huge renovation of Camp Nou for a total of 600 Mill €. After the renovation in 2021 Camp Nou capacity should be increased from 85 000 to 105 000 spectators.

Also if we look at Barcelona current squad, we can see two players that have charisma and knowledge to step into Lionel Messi spot.Two years ago Barcelona bought Neymar from Santos for 57 Mill. € and last year they bought Luis Suarez from Liverpool for 81 Mill. €.Both of these players play on similar position as Lionel Messi and both of them have charisma to take Messi role in Barcelona.

Only question remains what club can pay that amount of money? Two clubs jump in front Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. To both of these clubs money is not a problem, Manchester City is owned by Abu Dhabi United Group and Paris Saint-Germain is owned by Qatar Sports Investments.

But lately one more club joins the Messi race – Manchester United. According to some information United could easily join with Paris SG and City in terms of paying the release clause and matching Messi monthly paycheck.United vice-chairman Ed Woodward mention several times that money is not a problem for United on long run, they can pay any player that their manager (Louis van Gaal) wish.

But behind all these scenes there is also one more battle raging that might play a decisive role in Messi fate if he decide to leave Barcelona.That is the sport brand battle between Nike and Adidas. Nike is current sponsor for all four clubs that we mention Barcelona, Paris SG, City and United.But from season 2015/2016 United has a new sponsor for next 10 years – Adidas. And one of main promoter of Adidas sportswear is Lionel Messi. So could Lionel Messi be a “special gift” for Manchester United on summer? We will have to wait and see.

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