Manchester United Hurting Its Fans And Lovers To The Most

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It’s a worst blow to football fans watching this premier league. Standard and quality play is nowhere even for namesake. The strongest evidence in this context is that even with that bad performance, Manchester United is at no. 3. Manchester United this season entered Premier League with worst, old playing strategies with no innovation. This indeed is worst expected from a team like Manchester United.

Their claim that they are at no.3 is good for nothing since EPL Standings table suggests something otherwise. It’s the other teams’ bad performance because of which United is no. 3 and not United’s own good performance. The only competitors left are Manchester City and Chelsea. As for Manchester city Sergio Auger (their backbone) is unfit out of injury with no chances of recovery before one month. So odds are in Chelsea’s favor by all means to win this title. But Chelsea’s fate also rest in few hands, without whom they turned out to be nothing. For instance Nemanja Matic is the driving force behind them. Having him on the ground make everybody else best but his absence may throw all of them upside down. Awesome teams in football world these days play while relying on their defenders most. But terry’s inability suggests the team should look for other ways in order to play a good game. So, Matic is bound to look after centre halves and Gary Cahill must be there to turn things right even at Terry’s back. With these conditions, it is very easy for other teams to exploit their weaknesses and they are doing so. It’s Matic who always save the day somehow.

Coming to Liverpool they are worst of all this season. So the match between Liverpool and Manchester United had to be a bad show. And when Gary called into question this below standard performance; everyone seems to be turned out against him. I believe Gary is totally justified in doing so, because United is like his second home and he can’t see it going that way. As for Gaal who criticized most Gary, he must know that he can anytime change the team. But it’s Gary who is there; always stick to United like being its very own. So Gaal has no right to criticize Gary.

Gary has always seen United playing best and struggling for the title and not for third position. So it’s painful for him seeing his old club playing that bad. So Gaal must hold his tongue back and strive to do something really good.

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