Madrid’s newspapers are trying to destabilize Barcelona with possible resignation of Luis Enrique at the end of season

Soccer News:

After starting problems in club Barcelona is currently playing excellent, they are doing great on all three fronts. In Spain Primera after 35 rounds (38 is playing) they are holding first place with 2 points advantage in front of Real Madrid. In Copa Del Rey they reach finals and will play against Athletic Club at the end of May for the title. In last competition UEFA Champions League, they reach semi-finals and demolish Bayern Munich in first game 3-0.

Madrid’s newspapers are the only one writing about Enrique resignation

But according to some Spain newspapers Barcelona boss Luis Enrique will be leaving Barcelona bench at the end of season. This isn’t the first time this season that newspaper is talking about Luis Enrique resignation. According to them Enrique is not on good terms with club biggest star Lionel Messi. Two of them had a big argue back in January on one training session, after that fight Enrique left Messi on the bench in next Barcelona games. But quickly after that Barcelona official publish a statement that there is no “bad blood” between Lionel Messi and Luis Enrique. Also most Spain newspapers that are talking about Enrique resignation are close to Real Madrid. So we could think that this is one way of trying to destabilize the club. Maybe Barcelona will lose points somewhere in the last three round and then Real Madrid would take the top of Primera division and maybe be the champ.

Enrique got the best start in Barcelona history

Barcelona announce that Enrique will be their new coach last year in May and since then Enrique had the best start in Barcelona history. From 54 games he won 46 of them and he is still in race for “perfect season” and to take all three trophies.



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