Gerd Muller and Radamel Falcao best average goal scorers in UEFA Competition, Messi on 6th place while Ronaldo not even in top 10

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You are reading all the time how Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are best attackers in the world, but you probably don’t know (or you would be surprise) who is the best attacker in European competition in history. By best attacker we mean attacker who got best average goals per game. Cristiano Ronaldo with 78 is on the top of European attacker table, he beat former Real Madrid and Schalke 04 attacker Raul Gonzalez. But if we look at the average then Ronaldo is not so high on the table, Ronaldo average is 0.64 goals per game.

Gerd Muller best in Champions League

Best goal average in UEFA Champions League has Bayern Munich player Gerd Muller. Muller scored 34 goals from 35 games or almost 1 goal per game (0.97). On second place behind is Jose Altafini. While playing for AC Milan and Juventus Altafini scored 24 goals from 28 games (0.86 per game). Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas is on third place with 35 goals from 41 games (0.85) and on fourth place is Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano 49/58 – 0.84. From active players Barcelona star Lionel Messi is best with 75 goals from 94 games or 0.80 per game.

Radamel Falcao good in Porto and Atletico, bad in Manchester

If we compare all UEFA competition then the scorer that is consisting in scoring is Manchester United player Radamel Falcao. While playing for Porto and Atletico Madrid Falcao scored 38 goals from 42 games or 0.90 per game. On second place is UEFA Champions League best scorer Gerd Muller, who now has 62 goals from 71 matches or 0.87 per game. Stephane Guivarch is on third place with 24 goals from 28 games.

If we get back on the start of this article, Rolando with his 0.64 goals per game would not enter top 50 of best consist scorers in UEFA competition.



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