England Premiership: Arsenal, United and City are battling for two spots that lead directly into UEFA Champions League

England Premiership:

Manchester City fans horror scenario come true last night, City lost against Crystal Palace 2-1 and they are not 4th in the Premiership. But even that is not the end of the world how is the fact that city rival Manchester United is just above them and on Sunday we got Manchester derby on schedule at Old Trafford.

With this loose Manchester City could be out of title race and no matter what Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho said Chelsea can slowly start celebrating new Premiership title, first since 2010. But that doesn’t mean that Premiership is no long interesting, in the last 7 round we will watch a fight for two places that lead direct into UEFA Champions League (and give prestige off course). Current situation is like this:

  1. Arsenal 63 pts
  2. Manchester United 62 pts
  3. Manchester City 61 pts

Second and third places are leading directly into UEFA Champions’ League group stage, while 4th place lead into UEFA Champions League qualifications.

Arsenal with the best form

If we take a look at the couple of last games then Arsenal form is the best. They are currently on 7 games win streak. Last club that beat them was Tottenham in February with 2-1. Since then Arsenal beat:

  • Leicester 2-1
  • Crystal Palace 2-1
  • Everton 2-0
  • Queens Park Rangers 2-1
  • West Ham 3-0
  • Newcastle United 2-1
  • Liverpool 4-1

Except from Liverpool and maybe West Ham, Arsenal was mostly played against the team from bottom part of Premiership. But no matter that they are having huge morale boost with their wins streak.

Return of the “Red Devils”

Manchester United is back in the top of England soccer.  After disappointing last season nobody expect them to be in top 3 of Premiership. Even when Louis van Gaal spent huge amounts of money for summer reinforcements, sport analyst still didn’t give them much chance to finish in top of Premiership. But 7 rounds before the end they are on the place where nobody thinks they would come. If they didn’t lose against Swansea (1-2) they would have 10 games without defeat, but now they are on five games win streak:

  • Swansea 1-2
  • Sunderland 2-0
  • Newcastle United 1-0
  • Tottenham 3-0
  • Liverpool 2-1
  • Aston Villa 3-1

Last six games for United were much harder than last six from Arsenal; they played with 3 teams that battle for place in Europa competitions (Swansea, Tottenham and Liverpool).

Pellegrini is counting his last days on Manchester City bench

Manchester City was quite opposite from their city rival United. Before the season they were the main contenders for Premiership title, some sport analyst also give them a huge chances to make something in UEFA Champions League. Manchester City was in the game until the end mid of December when their fall started. From December till last weekend City played 18 games in Premiership, they won 10, 4 lost and 4 game ends in a draw. In the last six games City has 3 win and 3 lost:

  • Newcastle United 5-0
  • Liverpool 1-2
  • Leicester 2-0
  • Burnley 0-1
  • West Bromwich Albion 3-0
  • Crystal Palace 1-2

Last six games for City are much more like last six from Arsenal, played against bottom team of Premiership.

Next round might seal the fate of Manchester City and his coach

Arsenal and United have clearly morale and form advantage in the upcoming finish of the Premiership. But the final placement will probably be decided in the head-to-head between these clubs. If there are no surprises key games for the final placement will be:

12/04/2015 – Manchester United vs. Manchester City
18/04/2015 – Chelsea vs. Manchester United
26/04/2015 – Arsenal vs. Chelsea
03/05/2015 – Tottenham vs. Manchester City
17/05/2015 – Manchester United vs. Arsenal

Manchester United will have the toughest task in front of them, since they will face all three clubs from top of Premiership. Manchester City on other hand has the “easiest” schedule until the end, but looking how they are playing they would rather face Chelsea or Arsenal then Tottenham or Swansea.

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