According to Forbes Real Madrid most valued sport club in the world and NFL most valued league in the world

Soccer News:

American business magazine Forbes made a list of top 50 most expensive sport teams in the world. On the top of the list is Spain giant Real Madrid who value according to Forbes is $3.26 billion.

Real Madrid top valued club and NFL most valued league

Real Madrid is not the only soccer club on Forbes Top 10 lists other Spain giant FC Barcelona ($3.16 billion) is on 4th place and Manchester United ($3.1 billion) is occupying 5th place. German giant Bayern Munich is sitting just outside Top 10 list with value $2.35 billion. Probably the main reason behind such a big values are TV rights that are increasing each year. The champion in TV rights is American NFL (National Football League), they earn about $6.5 billion dollars per year. With the new contract England Premiership is behind them with $2.7 billion, NBA league is on third place with $2.66 billion. Last year Real Madrid made the biggest earnings from TV rights they earn $277 million. Interesting thing is that they earn the most in the year that they didn’t win any trophy if they did this amount would probably be higher. If we look at Top 50 list then American NFL clubs are dominating with 20 entries, NFL have 12 entries and NBA got 10. Soccer clubs have 8 entries and only “intruder” is Formula 1 team Ferrari. With Real Madrid (1st), Barcelona (4th), Manchester United (5h) and Bayern Munich (11th) the other three soccer clubs are Manchester City (29th; $1.39 billion), Chelsea (31st; $1.37 billion) and Arsenal (36th; $1.31 billion).

Top 10 lists of most valued clubs:

  1. Real Madrid (Primera Division) – $3.26 billion
  2. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – $3.2 billion
  3. New York Yankees (MLB) – $3.2 billion
  4. FC Barcelona (Primera Division) – $3.16 billion
  5. Manchester United (Premiership) – $3.1 billion
  6. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) – $2.6 billion
  7. New England Patriots (NFL) – $2.6 billion
  8. New York Knicks (NBA) – $2.5 billion
  9. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) – $2.4 billion
  10. Washington Redskins (NFL) – $2.4 billion


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