4 reasons why Arsene Wenger should resign from Arsenal job!

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After a really –unorthodox first half at the Britannia Stadium which left Arsenal numb, comatose and more importantly 3 goals down, Arsene Wenger men fought valiantly in the 2nd half to the little delight of their fans. Although a come-back might have served as face saving to Wenger, a defeat from a Stoke side that has managed just 1 win in the last 5 indicated the reason why Arsenal fans are calling for his head.
Here are 4 reasons why Arsene Wenger should himself resign from the job as Arsenal’s front-runner:-

No comparison with Liverpool:
Although some Liverpool fans are also talking the same should they get beaten against Basel on Tuesday, there is a huge difference why the current situation at Arsenal cannot be compared with the Merseyside club.
While both Arsenal and Liverpool are going through the same frustrating period of results now, it would be wrong to compare them as Arsenal aren’t used to these kind of results, not in the near past. While Liverpool have seen turbulent times and asked for faith by their every up-coming manager in the recent years, there was something new being offered every time a new manager came in, Although it seemed like the old gift in a new packing as most of Liverpool fans see it after Rafael Benetiz departure.
Arsenal on the other hand have been going through this form for the 1st time in many years. As their form against the big four has been poor, only thing which kept them afloat from the likes of Tottenham were their results against the mid-table sides. But as defeats against Swansea and Stoke with a draw against Hull City suggests, Wenger has lost the trump card with which he catapulted his team’s position in the top 4 every year.

Arsenal are opposite to Liverpool in transfer dealings:
Although Liverpool have had a very bad experience in their approach towards going for quantity, Arsene Wenger is also not reaping fruits for signing quality. In the case of Liverpool as the reds neglected quality which was much needed after Suarez’ departure, they are suffering for their feats now.
But as far as Arsenal are concerned, the gunners went for quality but refused to fill the voids. As a result just like Liverpool did in Suarez’ 1st season when only Suarez was providing the spark, Arsenal are going for the same so far this season.
Even though they are scoring in almost every-match this season, just like Liverpool did in the last season, their defense is refusing to hold whatever lead the strikers bring for them. So while they aren’t winning a lot of 1-0 matches which was their trademark before this season, Arsenal have to score multiple goals per match to win it, a feat which only Real Madrid can do on weekly basis.

Bad experiments lead to fuming results:
When Wenger signed Chambers and sold Vermaelen to Barcelona, it was thought that the afore-mentioned defender would play at right back but only in ‘’future’’. However 15 games into the new season and with Chambers playing 14 of them, there is a genuine concern amongst the gunners faithful about the future of the club.
And when you aspire for title and challenge teams like Chelsea and Manchester City, one defender injury should not ruin your claims in short-run. Unfortunately for Arsenal and Wenger himself that a certain Mathieu Debuchy injury has left the Frenchman exposed in a bitter fashion. And since the injury to Laurent Koscielny suggests, Arsenal have been way out of their comfort zone this season.

Trust has been lost:
Although Wenger can claim that he has seen the same behavior by the fans whenever his team looked out of shape, the Frenchman cannot hide the numbers that are going against him now. Although Arsenal fans and their board has been the most patient as a 10 year trophy draught suggests, it has now become clear that the end of that trophy draught has put more pressure on Wenger than any of his years before at the Emirates.
While Arsenal were under-dogs for the whole of last decade after becoming INVINCIBLE for once last season’s FA Cup win has given fans a taste of glory of which they were devoid of for so many years. And just like when a lion gets human blood he wishes for more similar is the case with Arsenal fans who were itching to be felt important once again this season.
And since the current Arsenal form suggests, not even their fans are believing that notion of ‘’becoming-important’’ once again.

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