4 reasons why Alexis Sanchez is a better player than Eden Hazard this season

Premier League Analysis

Being a member of the rare breed of footballers that every other team wants to have in its rank, Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez both belong to the elite level of World-class footballers. While one of them originated from a cold land of Belgium while the other belongs to the mountainous Colombia, both Hazard and Sanchez have blessed the Premier League with their fine performances this season.

However, as they say, there is only 1 winner, we take a look at 4 reasons that Sanchez is a better player than Hazard this season: –

Sanchez is alone while Hazard has a team
Taking a look at the duo and finding suitable examples from the past, Sanchez can draw similarities with Steven Gerrard. Like for so many years at Liverpool, Steven Gerrard was the only World-class player in their ranks and was the only reason why Liverpool stayed afloat from mid-table finishes.

Taking a look at Sanchez this season and determining the positive impact his goals have made, the Chilean is having the same impact at Arsenal like Gerrard had at Liverpool for so many seasons.

Looking at Hazard and finding a suitable example from the past, Hazard, like Rooney, has world-class players for his help. Thus, unlike Sanchez, Hazard can afford to have a bad day at the pitch and Chelsea can still knick the game through, however, for Sanchez, a bad day for him on the pitch means a bad day for Arsenal as a whole.

Match winner
Of the 12 goals that Sanchez have scored this season in the Premier League so far, 4 times his goals proved to be the match-winner for Arsenal and twice courtesy to his goal, Arsenal salvaged a draw. Thus, the Chilean has been responsible for winning 14 points for Arsenal this season.

Of the 8 goals that Hazard have scored this season, 2 of them proved to be the match-winner while another 1 was responsible for salvaging a draw.

Opening goal scorer

Even though Chelsea have a habit of coming back into the matches just like they did against Liverpool this season, a positive start to any match has been the key to Arsenal wins of late. And looking at the form Arsenal are going through this season, they have worked very hard for goals this season in contrary to Chelsea for which goals have come like raindrops so far this season.

In this comparison, Sanchez has opened the scoring for Arsenal in 7 matches this season with 4 of those matches branded as wins for Arsenal. Thus as far the goal-scoring is concerned, Sanchez isn’t 2nd best to any person in the Premier League

However for out Belgium star, Hazard isn’t far behind as the Belgian has opened scoring for Chelsea 6 times this season which isn’t too bad when Diego Costa is your counterpart.

percentage of goals scored for the team
For a team like Chelsea which has scored goals for fun this season, Eden Hazard along with the likes of Diego Costa is a main reason of their 2-point lead at the top of Premier League table. Starting this season with their game against Burnley away from home, Chelsea have scored 37 goals in 21 matches so far in the Premier League this season.

Out of the 37 goals that Chelsea have managed so far, Eden Hazard has been responsible for 26% of the goal the West Londoners have scored this season. Being the top scorer last season for Chelsea and a main reason of their top 4 finish despite misfiring strikers in 2013/14, Hazard has carried his form into this season as well.

Even though Arsenal has players added enough ammunition in their ranks in summer last season, the Gunners are still lacking behind their city rivals in terms of scoring goals. They have managed 37 goals this season.

And out of those 37, the Chilean has been responsible of scoring 12 and assisting 7 goals which, if put in the terms of mathematics, shows that Sanchez has been directly involved in 49% of the goals Arsenal have managed this season.Photo by Ronnie Macdonald

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