Formula 1 – Abu Dhabi GP 2017 Race Results

The Abu Dhabi GP is the final race of the Formula 1 season and although the F1 championship winner was decided before the race even began it was still a race that everyone wanted to win, Hamilton although winning the F1 Championship wanted to prove he is a cut above the rest and has never won a race after being crowned F1 champion in any of the seasons he was champion. Valterri Bottas began in pole and wanted to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to help him secure his place at Mercedes for the 2018 season and to prove he is just as good as Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel was looking to redeem his disappointment of not being able to win the F1 Championship by ending the season on a high with a win at the final GP.

Abu Dhabi F1 GP Results:

1st Round Qualifying Results:

Valtteri Bottas & Lewis Hamilton set the pace setting very respectable 1:37.3X times with Kimi Raikkonen not far behind with a 1:37.453. All of which were great lap times considering the lack of a need to really push the cars or use some of the quicker tyres. During this stage the top 15 cars go through to round 2 of the F1 Abu Dhabi qualifying with the remaining 5 drivers qualifying in the position they achieved in this session.

F1 Abu Dhabi 2017 1st round qualifying results

2nd Round Qualifying Results:

Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Bottas continued to be the front-runners setting a pace of 1:36.742 & 1:36.822 respectively with both Ferraris of Vettel & Raillonen still unable to break into the 1 minute 36 second lap times set by the Mercedes drivers. As this was only round 2 of the qualifying the cars & tyres of the front-runners were still being conserved and thus we could expect the pace to further improve in the final stage of qualifying that would take place later on in the day. During stage 2 of qualifying the top top 10 cars go through to 3rd and final round of the F1 Abu Dhabi qualifying with the drivers in places 10 to 15 qualifying in the position they achieved in the session.

F1 Abu Dhabi 2017 2nd round qualifying results

3rd Round Qualifying Results:

The 3rd and final qualifying round of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was always going to be the most hotly contested session of the day with Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Bottas continueing to battle for pole and the Ferrari’s of Vettel & Raikkonen trying to catch them and the Red Bulls of Ricciardo & Verstappen always able to secure a surprise pole as they have been doing all throughout the year. Every team pulled out all of the stops to try and get the best times possible… using the softest tyres and the most speed-optimal engine & car setup possible to shave crucial fractions of a second off their qualifying times in the hopes of qualifying further up the grid. The 3rd qualifying session quickly became a two horse race between Bottas & Hamilton as the Mercedes cars were performing better than their competition on the day and finished with Bottas in first place with an incredible 1:36.231 & Hamilton in second with an equally impressive lap of 1:36.403. As this was the final stage of qualifying all of the cars that took part would qualify for the Abu Dhabi GP in the position they ended the session with, you can see the final qualifying results of the top 10 below:

F1 Abu Dhabi 2017 3rd & final round qualifying results

Abu Dhabi F1 GP Main Race Results:

Mercedes were very quick from the get-go with Valtteri Bottas & Lewis Hamilton quickly pulling away from the rest of the pack in the first few laps and having a duel throughout the race but due to how Abu Dhabi is designed the possibility of overtaking is very limited much to the dismay of the drivers as voiced publicly by Hamilton who would like to see the circuit changed to allow for more overtaking possibilities. Despite this the two Mercedes drivers were neck and neck the whole race with several attempts at overtaking made by Hamilton which were excellent defended by Bottas, at times it looked like Hamilton could take first place but Bottas’ defending was incredible forcing mistake after mistake for Hamilton!

The end results of the race were almost the exact same as the starting positions, the major upset was with Daniel Ricciardo who had to retire with a problem with his car which stopped him from continuing and Carlos Sainz who also retired due to a mistake made by the Renault team when changing his tyres leading to his left front tyre not being attached securely.

Abu Dhabi F1 Race Results

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