Conclusions from the Formula 1 2017 Season

With the Formula 1 2017 season now ended there is a lot to talk about, with Mercedes finishing far ahead of the rest in the constructors’ championship. Lewis Hamilton cementing himself as a F1 legend and the tragic relationship breakdown between F1 team McLaren & engine provider Honda there is a lot to consider before the next season begins!

Mercedes dominant performance

Despite tough competition at the start of the season from Ferrari, Mercedes did come out of the season looking very dominant especially in the second half of the season where both of their cars were a cut above the rest. Mercedes’ not only won the constructors’ Champion but their Drivers ended 1st and 3rd. In total Mercedes picked up 668 points, a whole 146 points ahead of Ferrari and more points than the bottom 6 teams achieved when combined together! Not only this but Mercedes-AMG had more pole positions & more fastest laps than any other team and even set a fastest pit-stop record! Mercedes won a total of 11 out of the 20 races with Lewis Hamilton picking up 9 of these and Valtteri Bottas getting 2. The constructors championship was decided with many games still remaining in the season due to Mercedes dominance. Although many argue that due to the money involved that the F1 field is anything but even it is clear to everyone that under the current rules and regulations that Mercedes are the team to beat! You can view the full F1 Constructors Championship Standings below:

F1 team standings 2017


Hamilton is an F1 legend

This victory for Hamilton marks his fourth F1 drivers world title win and even his critics need to admit that he is now one of Formula 1’s greatest ever drivers. Although Hamltion did end the season very dominantly he did not start it that way, and towards the middle of the F1 Season it was looking like Sebastian Vettel could beat him to the title. But with Hamilton being extremely cool under pressure and a combination of Ferrari’s reliability problems & Vettel at times letting the pressure get to him like in Singapore, this allowed Hamilton to cruise comfortably to a title win by an impressive 46 points. This season-long battle vs. Vettel was the first time these two had a wheel-to-wheel battle for the F1 championship despite both being the best drivers of the past decade. Their battle was most evident in Baku where the two battled for the entire race until Hamilton forced a mistake on Vettel which Vettel could not recover the time from!

At just 32 years old he has won 4 titles putting him equal on F1 Championships with his rival Sebastian Vettel & the great Alain Prost. There are just two drivers above him in terms of the number of F1 Championships they have won who are Juan Manuel Fangio with 5 & Michael Schumacher with 7! Hamilton’s other world championships came in 2008, 2014 & 2015 and he narrowly missed out on a title in 2016 which was eventually won by his teammate Nico Rosberg, Hamilton’s recent form is nothing but dominant and he is definitely the favourite to win the title next season too, at just 32 he is able to potentially equal Michael Schumachers 7 world championships and pass him becoming the F1 driver with the most world titles since the competition began all the way back in 1950!

Check out the final Formula 1 Driver Standings for the 2017 season below:

F1 Drivers Championship Standings

McLaren & Honda partnership dissolves

The partnership between the F1 team McLaren & engine manufacturer Honda was sadly dissolved after 3 years of heartache for the McLaren team. These three years have seen repeated blown engines & in 53 races not a single podium finish despite the best efforts and obvious skill level of their Fernando Alonso.

Honda made huge advances on their engine designs in the three seasons they was working with McLaren however when they solved one problem two more would appear, their initial eight days of winter testing at the start of the year found many new problems with the reliability of the Honda engines. In order to temporarily solve a lot of these issues they had to reduce the power of the engine leading to a car that was both slow and unreliable.

It is however not all bad news for Honda as they have signed a new agreement with Toro Rosso and there are a lot of hopes this partnership will be more fruitful, as Toro Rosso are not aiming to compete for a title anytime soon and are currently a feeder team for the main branch of Red Bull Racing they will be happy to build an engine for the future and there is a possibility of Red Bull using these Honda engines in the not too distant future if the partnership between Toro Rosso and Honda leads to good results!


Renault Engines in 2018

Despite Mercedes and Ferrari currently taking up all the headlines with their massively powerful engines, Renault are building for the future and look to regain their heavyweight status and not to fall under the radar for any longer. In 2018 Renault will also be power providers to the sport’s two leading independent car manufacturers McLaren and Red Bull. McLaren and Red Bull are the two teams with the most success outside of Mercedes and Ferrari who develop their own engines. Both teams claim to possess the best cars on the grid in 2017 so it will be interesting to see how the Renault engine competes with Ferrari & Mercedes in 2018.


New Contracts for 2018

Two of the biggest bits of news outside of the race track is Vettels new deal at Ferrari which will see him continue to drive for them until 2020 and Red Bull re-signing Max Verstappen. until 2020 also. Both of which are huge commitments from two of the best F1 teams to two of the best F1 drivers both of which have the potential to win F1 Championships in the near future! Lewis Hamilton is expected to sign a new deal with Mercedes shortly leading to the major three F1 teams – Mercedes, Ferrari & Red Bull having no new drivers for the 2018 season and looking likely to continue for many seasons to come!

These contract extensions mean that Fernando Alonso has to continue to commit himself to McLaren as Vettel and Verstappen deals barred the Spaniard’s way into Red Bull or back to Ferrari, 2 of the sport’s major players.

F1 is a young mans game

In 2012, the F1 season started with 9 drivers aged over 30 on the grid, two of whom were over 40. In the same year there was just four F1 drivers aged below 24 and only one under 22.

But time moves fast in F1 and it is quickly becoming a relentless march towards becoming a young man’s game. For 2018, Felipe Massa’s retirement from F1 will reduce the number of drivers aged 30 and over six. And at the other end of the scale, F1 has never been so youthful. with Charles Leclerc likely to join Sauber, there will be eight drivers on the grid next year aged 25 or less including 5 who will be 21 and under – Gasly, Stroll, Ocon, Leclerc and Verstappen who could easily become a contender for next years F1 world championship!


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