NBA Rumors: The latest news around the league before the trade deadline

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The 2015 NBA trade deadline is closing in, as there are only two weeks left for the teams around the league to make their move. As every other year, there have been numerous rumors flying around, but also as every other year, there is a question arising – which of those rumors are going to actually happen? It’s really tricky to make a prediction, as we all know the NBA more often than not is quite unpredictable. We have already seen some major trades this season, the Cavaliers mainly involved in those blockbusters, but there is a very big probability that we’re in to seeing a bit more significant moves. The playoff race in both conferences is becoming tighter and tighter and a lot of teams are looking to improve themselves.

Brook Lopez is one of those big names that have been surrounded by various rumors. The Oklahoma City Thunder showed some interest in him, but nothing happened in reality. However, lately the Nets big man has been linked with the Denver Nuggets, as the team from the Western Conference has offered J.J. Hickson and JaVale McGee in order to get him. However, the chances that Brooklyn will like any of the offers are not really big, as Lopez has a history of being injured and this lowers his stock a lot.

Next up is Lance Stephenson – probably the most disappointing signing from the offseason. The former Pacer doesn’t seem like he’ll ever fit with the Charlotte Hornets and this has been the cause for a lot of rumors since the start of the season. “A trade that would have sent Charlotte Hornets shooting guard Lance Stephenson to the Brooklyn Nets has been put on hold, an informed NBA source told the Observer early Friday. The Hornets, Nets and Oklahoma City Thunder were discussing a deal that would have sent Stephenson to the Nets, Brook Lopez to the Thunder and various parts to the Hornets. It appeared close Thursday night, but the Nets pulled back Friday, putting any discussions on hold.” Nevertheless, nothing happened, but it is more than sure that the Hornets will try as much as they can to trade Stephenson before the deadline.

Michael Carter-Williams has been on the trade block and his name has been mentioned quite often lately, but I don’t reckon he will be traded. The Philadelphia 76ers will want too big of a price and I don’t see any team right now that is willing to pay it. Don’t expect anything to happen here.

To continue with, Mo Williams has been once again linked with the possibility of changing teams. The guard has played for four squads in the last four seasons and if the rumors are right, he might be on the move again. There have been reports that the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers have shown interest in Williams. The chances are 50-50 that the 32-year-old will be on a different squad at the end of the year. The way I see it, a playoff team is going to snatch him just at the deadline.

The Denver Nuggets have been stuck in no-man’s land the last two seasons. This year, though, it seems they are ready to start rebuilding. “Stuck in the middle of nowhere and having already flipped Timofey Mozgov for two first-round picks, the Nuggets must finally begin the rebuild they’ve evaded since Carmelo Anthony left. Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo are hot property as proven three-and-D contributors, and both could be worth a first-rounder to the right contender.” It shouldn’t be too long before some contenders snatch Afflalo or Chandler in an exchange for some draft picks.

This leaves us with Reggie Jackson – the OKC player has been mentioned in trade rumors since his first season in the league. However, this time the possibility of a trade actually happening is bigger than ever – with Dion Waiters on the team, Jackson’s role and playing time have seen a dip. The 24-year-old Thunder guard was almost dealt to the Nuggets earlier in the season, but the trade was never capitalized. However, expect for Jackson to be moved before the deadline.



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