NBA Rumors: Is Rajon Rondo’s time with the Dallas Mavericks over?

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When the Dallas Mavericks made the trade get Rajon Rondo, they were thinking how they boost their chances for an NBA championship. However, reality has been a bit different. Since Rondo joined the Mavericks, the team’s form has been everything but good. The point-guard hasn’t been able to fit into Rick Carlislie’s schemes, and that has been evident on the court. The Mavericks were one of the best teams in the Western Conference for the first half of the season, but since Rondo joined, they have been up and down, not being able to find consistency.

However, according to some reports, Rondo’s time in Dallas may be over. The point-guard suffered a back injury during Game 2 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets. Rondo played just 10 minutes in that match and finished with four points, one assist, one turnover and four personal fouls. This performance is definitely a pitiful one for a player that is widely known for his playoff heroics. However, the more interesting fact was how Rick Carlislie answered a question regarding Rondo’s future in Dallas. When the head-coach was asked whether he expects Rajon Rondo to wear a Mavericks uniform again, he quickly responded by saying “No, I don’t,”

At first, when a team loses a player like Rajon Rondo it looks very significant. However, if we look at the way the point-guard has played in his game as a Maverick, we will see that Dallas can actually be better without him. The upcoming summer free-agency will definitely become a lot more interesting if the Mavericks choose to let Rondo leave the team. The point-guard has stated numerous times that he expects a max contract this summer, but the big question is – is there a team willing to spend so much on such an ineffective player?



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