NBA Rumors: Hottest names in the NBA trade market and where they may go

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The teams around the NBA and their front offices have been working non-stop this season and until the trade deadline comes it doesn’t look like they’ll stop. A lot of players have been already moved, but there are still some names that are being mentioned very often and can soon change places. What is the thing in common between title contenders that look to add more talent to their roster and no-mans-land teams are trying to figure what to do with their season? Both types of teams are looking to trade. We will now show you the top five hottest names on the NBA Trade Market!

5. Reggie Jackson
The Oklahoma City Thunder player has seen his minutes take a huge dip since the arrival of Dion Waiters from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jackson has expressed his negative thoughts from this fact and this has been a bit of a problem for the team’s chemistry. He offers some very good skills, however it may not be very easy to move him. The league has a lot of talented guards and for now there haven’t been many teams that have looked interested.

4. Brook Lopez
As we mentioned in one of our articles, the Brooklyn Nets big-man has been a subject of a lot of trade rumors. He has been linked mostly with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the deal seems to in the making. Lopez is a very talented offensive-mind center, which can really bolster the Thunders title hopes, while clearing up cap space from the Nets.

3. Nik Stauskas
It was not very hard to predict that Stauskas would be used more of a trade piece than a building block for the Sacramento Kings. The Kings already had a young player (Ben McLemore) on the same position when they drafted Stauskas and it was quite expected that Nik would be traded. Sacramento is looking for another big man that could complement DeMarcus Cousins in the frountcourt.

2. Lance Stephenson
Well, this wasn’t expected now, was it? Who thought that the Charlotte Hornets would be trying to trade their most valuable signing from this offseason. Everybody around the league thought that Stephenson is going to blossom on his new, where he may finally unveil his true potential. However, things haven’t really worked out the way they were supposed to. Lance has had an abysmal season until now, averaging just 10.2 points per game on 38.7% shooting from the field. He was almost shipped to the Brooklyn Nets, however the deal never materialized.

1. Thaddeus Young
It has been reported that Thaddeus Young has been a target for both Sacramento Kings and Brooklyn Nets. Young has been playing exactly terrific this season, however he may really help some team from the East, which needs a bit more depth. The Brooklyn Nets would really be good suitors, as they have been struggling mightily this season.



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