NBA Rumors: Can the New York Knicks sign Reggie Jackson in the summer?

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One of the players that were regularly discussed during the season is once more under the spotlights. Reggie Jackson was traded by the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Detroit Pistons during the regular campaign after the guard made it clear that he was unhappy with the role he was given with OKC. After he had joined the Pistons, Jackson started playing out of his mind, and the Thunder may have realized what a player they failed to develop. The shot-happy and inefficient guard became a star in Detroit.

In his last sixteen games with the Pistons, Jackson was able to average 19.9 points, 4.9 rebounds and 10.9 assists per game. These numbers are almost MVP-like. He was the motor of Detroit, and he made it clear that the role he was given in Oklahoma City was too little. Thanks to his performance in Detroit, Jackson definitely earned himself a bigger contract in the future, and that isn’t something that the Pistons are happy from. The franchise will have to choose on which players to rely for next season and if they don’t offer Jackson something close to a max deal, it’s very likely that he won’t return to Detroit.

On the other hand, the New York Knicks are a team has the ability to spend big and are in desperate need of a quality point-guard. Jackson was linked with the Knicks before the trade deadline during the regular season, but New York wasn’t able to get him. If Phil Jackson finds a way actually to sign the former OKC Thunder guard, the Knicks will get a pretty strong core that includes Carmelo Anthony, Reggie Jackson and a top pick in the 2015 NBA draft. In my opinion, New York will be able to sign the point guard to a near max deal.



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