NBA Reports: Biggest surpries and disappointmes through midseason

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The 2014-15 regular season in the National Basketball League is almost at its half and it is time to announce the biggest surprises and disappointments until now. We won’t be sticking only to team – players will also be a subject of praise or criticism.

The Eastern Conference:

Biggest surprise:
It’s more than hard to decide whether it is the emergence of Jimmy Butler as an All-star player or the stunning play of the Atlanta Hawks, so I’m just going with both. I’ll start with the Chicago Bulls player, who has been playing out of his mind since the start of the season, helping his team overcome the weak play of Derrick Rose. He has blossomed offensively, becoming the main player to carry the Bulls night in and night out, averaging 20.9 points per game. To continue with the other surprise, the Atlanta Hawks have shocked the entire league by sitting atop of the East, having the second best record in the entire league (30-8). They have been playing magnificent team basketball and that has helped them emerge as a contender for the title.

Biggest disappointment:
There’s no denying that the Cavaliers have disappointed everyone around the league, sitting at the sixth spot in the East with a record that is under .500 – 19-20. They haven’t been able to find any consistency until now, especially on the defensive end, as they rank 25th in defensive rating. Let’s just hope that they can turn things around or they’ll become the disappointment of the season.

The Western Conference:

Biggest surprise:
It has to be the Golden State Warriors. Steve Kerr and his men have been the best basketball since the start of the season and their record shows it – 30-5. They are starting to look as the biggest favorites to win the title thanks to the way they are handling their opponents. Golden State has been finding all kinds of ways to win basketball games – with attack, with defense, or a combination of both.

Biggest disappointment:
The inability of the New Orleans Pelicans to win more game. I am not talking about Anthony Davis – we all know he has been a beast this year, I am talking about his supporting cast. Jrue Holiday, Ryan Anderson, Omer Asik, Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans have been playing very lousy all season long. The player who has been worst is Eric Gordon – the guard that was thought to have so much talent, has failed to produce in yet another year.

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