NBA News: The race for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference gets wilder by the second

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Everyone expected that only the playoff race in the Western Conference is going to be worth watching. However, as we approach the end of the regular season, it looks like the East is going to be the most interesting conference to watch. There are currently a number of five teams that are battling for two playoffs spots and it’s impossible to predict which two are going to take part in the postseason.

The five teams that are pushing for playoff spots are the Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets. It’s an extremely hard task to name two clear favorites, as all squads are double faced. The Celtics have looked quite impressive lately, as they have built great chemistry around their young core. However, when we look at their remaining schedule, we see two meetings against the Cleveland Cavaliers, once against the Toronto Raptors and once versus the Milwaukee Bucks. In my opinion, only one game is winnable. If we continue with the Brooklyn Nets, we can either see a squad that won six straight times from 25th March to 3rd April, or we can take a look at a team that lost by 32 points to the Atlanta Hawks on 4th April. The same goes to the Pacers, Heat and Hornets – they have chances but are they good enough to take them?

The only squad that has experienced a bright spot recently is the Pacer team. They got Paul George back in the lineup, which will definitely serve as a big emotional lift for them. On the other side are the Miami Heat, who are more banged up than ever. Not only have they lost Chris Bosh a couple of months ago, Hassan Whiteside has been struggling with injuries, Luol Deng may be lost for the season, Beasley left their last game with a knee problem and Dwyane Wade is finding it a bit hard to take all the load.

It will be very interesting to see which teams make the playoffs, even though it’s hard to think that they will play more than two games in the postseason.



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