NBA News: The Cleveland Cavaliers have a pretty good shot at the NBA title

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The situation for the Cleveland Cavaliers has certainly changed since the first quarter of the NBA’s regular season. The team led by David Blatt was very uncoordinated and looked like a pretender early in the campaign, but things have changed since then. The Cavaliers have fixed all of their chemistry issues and are currently very well positioned to make a run towards the NBA Finals. LeBron James is one of the main reasons behind the improvement of Cleveland throughout the season. He has played incredible and is even one of the main MVP candidates.

The Cavaliers have won 31 of their past 38 games and thanks to that they are currently sitting in a second position in the Eastern Conference. Furthermore, the team has won their past 18 games at home, which indicates how good they actually are. For the Cavaliers, the time for this improvement has been perfect, as it is just before the start of the playoffs.

We should praise the Cavaliers for the way they managed to handle all the criticism they received from everyone and for the fact they found a way to emerge as one of the best teams in the East. The team is currently very well positioned to make a run towards the title, thanks to their second place in the Eastern Conference. Only the Atlanta Hawks are looking like a squad that is able to defeat the Cavaliers, but it’s hard to say how the Hawks are going to perform during the playoffs. Yes, Atlanta has been magnificent throughout the regular season, but the way basketball is played during the postseason is a whole different story. Because of that, we can safely say that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the biggest favorite from the East to play in the NBA Finals.



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