NBA News: One big problem bothers the Golden State Warriors and could cost them the NBA title

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The Golden State Warriors – the team that is holding the NBA’s best record as of now and the main title contenders are a squad that like all other squads has its flaws. The Warriors have looked almost invincible until now and the number of wins and losses shows that this is almost true. Steve Kerr and his men have been able to win as many as 43 games, while suffering only 10 defeats. Nevertheless, everyone should know that the Warriors aren’t perfect and lately their biggest flaw has been exposed.

It’s no secret that Stephen Curry is an important part of Golden State and how coach Kerr runs the offense. However, the thing is that Curry is more than just an important part – he is the player that makes the offense work. The Warriors net rating this season is 19.2 points per 100 possessions better with Steph on the floor than off it, per It’s a not a surprise that the Warriors are worse with Curry on the bench, but it is really scary how worse they actually are without him playing. When the point-guard has been benched, Golden State’s offense has been stagnating and all the open looks for Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes are almost non-existent. Without Curry on the floor, everything just falls apart and there just isn’t a way of fixing it.

It would be devastating for the Warriors if Steph gets injured for a longer period of time, especially if this happens during the playoffs. It would be interesting to see how the teams around the league are going to try and take advantage of this problem Golden State has – maybe try and get Curry in foul trouble or just put all of their defensive stoppers when the point-guard is resting. One thing is sure now – there is a way to beat the Warriors – just stop Curry doing his thing on offense or make him leave the floor. However, the second one looks like the better option, as Curry is looking almost unstoppable when he plays.



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